Wout Feys

Programmer. Tech Enthusiast. Upcoming Engineer.

About Me

Hi! I'm Wout Feys, A Programmer, Tech Enthusiast and Upcoming Engineer. I also have an interest in a lot of other topics like History, Law, Geography, ... You could say I'm always thirsty for knowledge and luckily I have a broad spectrum of interests. But I'm primarily focused on Computer Science/Engineering, those are the areas closest to my heart and my lifelong passion.

Programming Experience

When I'm programming, I mostly use HTML5, Sass, TypeScript (TSX), React for web development, and I'm transitioning to using Rust in the backend instead of Node.js which I have a bit more experience with.

I'm learning and have some experience with low-level development using languages such as C and Rust.

Other Experience

  • I have some experience in Server Management since I operate own server at home running Proxmox VE with a ZFS filesystem. The server acts as a router for my local network, as a reverse proxy for all the applications on it, as a database to manage my web apps, as a communications platform using Matrix and Mastodon and as a File Server using Nextcloud. So it's fair to say I also have some experience with Self-Hosting a suite of different services.
  • I know my way around Linux pretty well since I daily drive linux on all my machines and have a good understanding of all the different aspects that make Linux and especially Fedora work
  • I developed my own Protocol based on UDP and Broadcast with encryption, checksums and different rooms where messages could be sent to.
  • I've done some 3D Design with FreeCAD (on Linux) including a case that had a closing mechanism, a stackable system for multiple modules and a case with fittings for a robot I designed.

Free and Open Source Software

FOSS (Free & Open Source Software) is very important to me. I'm someone who cares a lot about what happens to my data, that's why I self-host a lot of my stuff such as files, photos, contacts, e-mail etc using open-source utilities (such as Nextcloud). I also rooted my phone with CalyxOS and disabled Google Services entirely, instead opting for MicroG. Likewise I don't have any social media apart from Linkedin and Mastodon, It's fair to say Privacy and FOSS is a very important factor of my life.

Contacting me

There are a few ways to get in touch with me :


This is my current trajectory together with some of my future plans regarding my education.

Current Trajectory


3de graad Wetenschappen Wiskunde ASO

Planned Trajectory

KU Leuven

Bachelor in Engineering (Major: CS)

ETH Zurich

Master in Computer Science (Hopefully)